Decorative and illusory Painting

We invite you to become familiar with the novelty in our offer.

Painting illusory or "Tromple l'oeil," which in French means "fool the eye" - is artistic wall painting that creates the illusion of space, three-dimensionality and depth.
Artist with extensive experience in this technique of painting in the country can create any custom project, which then moves to the wall. Pub, cafe, restaurant, hotel, guest house, office, apartment or house will gain a unique atmosphere, and the customers or guests will be happy to return to such a place.

Do not you want to have a view out the window for a romantic garden, sunny beach, Tuscan vineyards, fairy-tale world, and maybe a door leading to some unusual, other-worldly? Everything is possible thanks to the skill, talent and imagination of our graphic artist. We offer both painting inside and outside buildings. Welcome to the amazing world of illusion.

Information - or in our company at st. Konski Kierat 15 Szczecin

Cafe The window in the pub Window Tavern Office Pracownia In the bedroom The window in the pub

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